230 ml / 8 oz Glass Feeding Bottle

230 ml / 8 oz Glass Feeding Bottle


A new vision in the integration of breast and bottle feeding!

This Mii Sophie la girafe feeding bottle is equipped with a textured medicale grade silicone newborn nipple that mimics the mother’s breast for a natural breastfeeding.

The True Transition™ nipples were created to match the staged developmental oral characteristics of a baby’s mouth. There are 4 different types of nipples, each one unique in size, shape, texture and functionality.

The Mii Sophie la girafe patented anti-colic system (4 valves), Flutter Flex™,  guarantees optimal comfort for baby during feeding and facilitate his digestion.

Pure and resistant glass material. BPA free (in compliance with the current regulation).

Discover also the Mii Sophie la girafe ForEver™ feeding bottle!

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